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Industry’s first notebook size Hardware-in-the-Loop system, for real-time emulation of single and multi converter power electronics systems.

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Product Information

상품 기본설명

Industry’s first notebook size Hardware-in-the-Loop system, for real-time emulation of single and multi converter power electronics systems.

상품 상세설명

Typhoon HIL402, Industry’s first notebook size Hardware-in-the-Loop system.

Completely new hardware

HIL test, and HIL certify your power electronics controllers with the industry leading hardware-in-the-loop system: HIL402.
This compact, extremely powerful, 4-core HIL will give you all the tools you need to test your power electronics controllers in a wide range of applications: solar and wind power generation, battery storage, power quality and motor drives.
Run your controllers in real time with 30 ns PWM resolution, in closed loop with high-fidelity power stage with 1 MHz update rate.

Tried and tested software

Completly integrated software

Engage the powerful HIL402 via industry leading software toolchain which is the hallmark of Typhoon HIL user friendly design.

  1. Draw a converter power stage model in the Typhoon HIL schematic editor, press compile and run the model with a single click.
  2. Verify the performance of your controller performance through a built-in deep memory mixed signal oscilloscope.
  3. Execute test scenarios directly from the control center.
  4. Automate the verification process with Python scripts.

Test away from lab

Typhoon HIL 402

Renewable energy systems comprise power electronics converters that interface with the electrical grid. Exhaustively testing power electronics control system’s performance in the laboratory is impractical.
The HIL402 system will provide You with a safe, high-fidelity environment for automatic test and verification of converters control systems.

Test what you never could

PV Inverter - Nominal statePV Inverter - Inject harmonicsPV Inverter - Inverter IGBT fault

Typhoon HIL402 environment allows you unprecedented control of active and reactive power flow, current harmonics and grid voltage sources with arbitrary magnitude, frequency and phase in just a few mouse clicks.
Furthermore, you can easily emulate utility grid disturbances such as voltage sags, spikes, phase angle jumps, magnitude ramps, frequency changes, harmonic distortion, etc. Any test scenario you can imagine HIL402 will execute for you.

Flipped classroom

Tailored for academia HIL402

Imagine the power engineering instruction in which the technology enables students to develop their engineering intuition by playing with power systems like they play with computer games.
Then, motivated by the deep intuitive understanding of the system operation, they come to class to learn why systems behave the way they behave.
Imagine no more. Make it real. The HIL402 makes large scale unsupervised hands on instruction in the field of power engineering and Smart Grid possible.

HIL 4 series technical details.

Typhoon HIL402
Processor 4 cores
Channels 16 x Analog inputs (AI)
16 x Analog outputs (AO)
32 x Digital inputs (DI)
32 x Digital outputs (DO)
Resolution 16 bit
Analog IO voltage range ± 10 V
Built-in scope Yes
Machine models support Basic
Connectivity USB
Compatibility HIL DSP Interface
HIL Breakout board
HIL dSpace Interface
HIL uGrid DSP Interface
Software HIL Control Center
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